The final, final fairwell to Hameln……

Yesterday I attended a guided tour of the Hameln museum which had been arranged to mark the final day of the exhibition celebrating the British Army’s connection with the town.

Having served most of my military career in Hameln it was a great trip down memory lane and I spotted a more than a few familiar faces and names amongst the various photographs and exhibits which had been lent by many members of the Corps.  The handful of ex-pats who attended were outnumbered by the locals who expressed their regret that we had gone and their gratitude for all that we had brought to Hameln.  It filled me with pride to hear they held the Royal Engineers in such high regard.

There are still reminders of the Corps dotted around the place however, with the soldiers gone and the camps all but handed back to the German authorities yesterday was a bitter sweet occasion.  Times have changed and the Corps has moved on, I hope Hameln will not allow us to be forgotten. I know that those that served here will never forget Hameln.

1945 – 2014 Hurrah for the CRE!!!

My personal thanks to Arnd Wöbbeking



SMP Photographs


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