It just gets better ……….

Well, another busy period in my life as a Rock n Roll photographer!!! Hahaha, I wish………

It has been a great few days though, with 2 concerts in Hannover, both acoustic sets and both from 80’s icons. First up was Lloyd Cole (of Lloyd Cole & the Commotions fame).

As a venue the Kultuzentrum Pavillon is excellent. Tiered seating offers unrestricted viewing from anywhere in the hall and many vantage points from which to point a camera.  Surprisingly there were no restriction on where I could shoot from.  No pit, no segregation.  The 3 song rule still applied, however was not policed which is very trusting and very reassuring.  One complaint I do have though is the mount of DSLR users in the audience.

As photographers we agree to abide by the rules and most of the time the standard 3 song agreement is in place.  Allegedly after 3 songs the artist no longer looks their best, which I am happy with as no one likes a photo that makes them look bad. In my opinion though, the same rules should apply to the audience……I’m not talking about camera phones as generally, in low light conditions, camera phones do not produce images of any quality.  I counted 6 DSLR’s in the front row of the audience…….

Lloyd Cole Acoustic Tour - Hannover 2014

Lloyd Cole Gallery

Back to the matter at hand…….Lloyd Cole, I fear was a bit of a let down for me.  I was really looking forward to this one but old Lloyd gave me the distinct impression he was fed up.  No enthusiasm, no stage presence……nada.  For me, it was a guy with a guitar singing songs I kind of knew.  I have to say the second half of the show may have been spectacular, unfortunately I wasn’t there to find out.  Sorry Lloyd……………

Pete MacLeod - Hannover 2014

Pete MacLeod Gallery

Hannover was given a taste of Pete MacLeod, who is opening for Midge Ure on his current tour.  A Scottish singer/song writer now on the books of Alan McGee at Creation management (think Oasis) therefor probably destined for bigger things.  A relatively short slot, Pete managed to woo the Hannover crowd with a number of tracks from his current album ‘Rolling Stone‘, even somehow slipping in a verse from ‘Vienna’ in homage to his host.   I feel confident in saying that not many in the audience would have been aware of Pete MacLeod prior to last night.  I am even more confident in saying that by the time his Germany stint is over he will have gained more than a few more followers, myself included.  Definitely one to watch.  A special thanks to Pete for giving me permission to post the images.

Midge Ure - Hannover 2014

Midge Ure Gallery

Midge Ure…. Thin Lizzy, Ultravox, Live Aid, .singer, songwriter, producer and all round musical genius.  Surely he wouldn’t disappoint……?  I cannot confess to being a huge fan of Ultravox or his solo work.  That said, it has been there as long as I can remember and I never disliked it.  Knowing that Mr Ure is very much music royalty I was feeling hugely privileged to have been given this opportunity and I was going to make the most of it.  Hymn, Breathe, If I was, Dancing with tears in my eyes, all the hits were there as well as tracks from his new album ‘Fragile’.  All acoustic and all sounding great.  The only song I missed out on was probably his best known……Vienna.  Not because he didn’t sing it, because I had to leave before the end!!!  I could kick myself when I think about it, but it didn’t dampen the evening one bit. Midge Ure did not disappoint……

A fantastic gig and my thanks to Berenice at and to Pete MacLeod for their assistance.

For more information on the artists:

Lloyd Cole web

Pete MacLeod – web/twitter/facebook

Midge Ure – web/twitter/facebook



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