The Pineapple Thief

The Pineapple Thief are an indie and progressive rock band from Somerset, England. They have been around since 1999 and have an impressive 10 albums under their belt. I have to be honest and state from the off that although I was aware of the band, I cannot claim to have had them on my radar.

The Blues Garage is still a fantastic venue (albeit with difficult lighting). Tonight I was here to see ‘The Pineapple Thief’ on their current tour in in support of album Number 10 which was released in September 2014 – ‘Magnolia’.

The Pineapple Thief - Blues Garage Hannover 2014

Opening with past classics, ‘What we have sown’ & ‘Wake up the dead’ my attention was grabbed from the outset. A show of intent on how things were to progress? Most definitely.

Having been to more than a few concerts in Germany, I have a good idea of how an audience usually ticks. Not so tonight. As the band played ‘The one you left to die’ the Hannover crowd were already getting into the swing of things. It was difficult to tell who were novices and who were long term fans. Generally when I go to a gig I’m there on an assignment and concentrate on that. As they charged through the ‘Magnolia’ track list I began to get into the vibe now surrounding me to the point where I put my camera and notebook away and just watched

.The Pineapple Thief - Blues Garage Hannover 2014

The Pineapple Thief seem to have mastered the ability to move a concert crowd to the brink with their (sometimes Foo Fighteresque) riffs and extended prog marathons – (‘All the Wars’), then bring them back from the brink with a softer, ballad type number – (‘From Me’) and in the progress leave them wanting more.

A race through old and new material, the show was over in an instant. Ending with an encore that included – ‘Part zero’ & ‘Nothing at best’ , it was obvious the band work extremely hard at what they do, and it pays off. The only thing the Pineapple thief stole tonight was the show………..


Stand out tracks from the gig were ‘Simple as That’, ‘The One You Left to Die’ and ‘Magnolia’. All of which are now on my playlist.

The Pineapple Thief are:

Bruce Soord – Vocals
Dan Osborne – Drums,
Jon Sykes – Bass
Steve Kitch – Keyboards



SMP Photographs



  1. Heleen · December 29, 2014

    Awesome photo’s of, for me personally, the most awkward gig. Difficult lighting indeed (I seem to be the first one to have moved more than the master-fader in years). Props to you for making the stills look good.

    TPT Lighting engineer

    • smp photographs · December 30, 2014

      Thanks Heleen, I have been back there again and it was just as difficult, which is a shame because as a venue I think it is great. TPT was one of my best gigs in 2014, maybe I’ll catch up with you again in 2015.

      The mini review was also posted on
      There are also a few more photos on my own website

      Best wishes for 2015……

      • Heleen · December 30, 2014

        Awesome pics!
        Althouhg when it comes to TPT: this must have been quite easy lighting (If I have my way: these things happen:

        But yes! Hope to see you in 2015 (it’ll mean we’re on the road again)

        And all the best for 2015!

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