So many faces ……

I was asked if I could do a couple of group shots for a military course in Minden.  Following a fantastic demonstration involving 23 Amphibious Engineer Troop and the Bundeswehr Amphibious Pioneer Battalion the military went about getting their backdrop of vehicles ready.  It soon became apparent that this was going to be a bit bigger than I planned for.  The group had now turned into 200+ including high ranking officers and VIP’s, no pressure.  Fortunately a friend of mine who was also taking photos at the same location was able to lend a hand.  (Turns out this could be the start of a great partnership,thanks Arnd).


This is without doubt the biggest group I have ever tackled and a it was a test of my skills as a photographer.  I think the image speaks for itself.  Many thanks to 75 Engineer Regiment for the opportunity.


The final, final fairwell to Hameln……

Yesterday I attended a guided tour of the Hameln museum which had been arranged to mark the final day of the exhibition celebrating the British Army’s connection with the town.

Having served most of my military career in Hameln it was a great trip down memory lane and I spotted a more than a few familiar faces and names amongst the various photographs and exhibits which had been lent by many members of the Corps.  The handful of ex-pats who attended were outnumbered by the locals who expressed their regret that we had gone and their gratitude for all that we had brought to Hameln.  It filled me with pride to hear they held the Royal Engineers in such high regard.

There are still reminders of the Corps dotted around the place however, with the soldiers gone and the camps all but handed back to the German authorities yesterday was a bitter sweet occasion.  Times have changed and the Corps has moved on, I hope Hameln will not allow us to be forgotten. I know that those that served here will never forget Hameln.

1945 – 2014 Hurrah for the CRE!!!

My personal thanks to Arnd Wöbbeking



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Grundig Wall of Sound

Totally unrelated to photography (other than the fact I took a few photos of it), my wife was given an old radio a few days ago.  The electric plug looked a like it had been replaced so I plugged it in and hey, it fired up!!!

The buttons and dials are BIG, simple and functional but after more than 60 years they still work so the designers got something right. The front panel glows a soft orange colour (maybe from the valves inside) and has the different radio stations listed on it, I’m not sure how many still broadcast though.  No need to know the frequency just dial in to your favorite station, easy.  I wasn’t expecting the sound quality.  It has that really warm, comforting, deep bass tone and it’s crystal clear.  One of the decals says it produces ‘3D sound’ , not sure what this is exactly but it works for me.

A bit of research suggests the radio was produced in the mid 1950’s, so I don’t think it’s classed as antique but it looks great in our dining room. I can’t help but wonder why we can’t produce this type of quality now?  Nice one Grundig……



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Hamelner Pub Rock 2014

What a great concept. 12 Pubs, 12 Bands. Play a 1 hour set, take a 30 min break to allow the punters time to get to the next pub and repeat………

There are some talented performers in this area of Germany, this event proved it.

Whyback, High Gain, Green Room, Beautifools, Big Tasty, Deep Down South & Tom Freitag to name but a few.  Many thanks to Rockline Promotion for their assistance.

Images can be viewed on our website.


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Hamelner Blues Night 2014

I went along to the Hamelner Blues and Rock Night @ Lalu Traumfabrik on 02.10.2014.  One of the loudest gigs I have ever been at!!!  I met a fantastic bunch of artists, Tom Freitag and his band Claptonmania, Eamonn McCormack, Gregory Copeland and Hilly Billy.

As a huge blues fan this was a dream job.  Thank you to everyone who assisted me, I hope to work with you all again.

More images available on our web site


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Mathew James White

I took some images for Mathew at his latest gig in Hameln on Sunday.  A fantastic artist with an original set list that got my feet tapping.  Mathew kindly gave me a couple of CD’s (his latest solo album ‘528Mhz‘ and ‘Elevate‘ the latest album from Mpath, Mathew’s 3 piece band).  I am now a fan of both, thanks.

You can find out more about Mathew by visiting his web site.  More images from the gig can be viewed here.


Ich habe ein paar Bilder für Mathew an seinem letzten Auftritt in Hameln am Sonntag.

Eine fantastische Künstler mit einer Original-Setlist, die meine Füße tippen bekam. Mathew gab mir freundlicherweise ein paar CDs (sein drittes Soloalbum 528MHz” und “Elevatedas neueste Album von Mpath). Ich bin ein Fan von beiden, danke.

Sie können herausfinden, mehr über Mathew durch den Besuch seiner Website. Mehr Bilder vom Konzert kann hier angesehen werden.


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